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Collision Avoidance for Carrera D124/D132 tracks

Lane Gate is an easy way to reduce the carnage on your track. Lane Gate stops crashes by preventing cars from changing lanes if another car is along side. When running ghost cars, they'll no longer randomly crash into you or each other. Great for avoiding demolition derby with kids (young or old).

Lane Gate is a small add-on circuit that installs inside of the track section. There are three types to cover the entire range of Carrera lane changers.

LEFT - for changers where cars move from the right lane to the left lane: includes #30343 (straight), #30363 (left curve - out to in), and #30364 (right curve - in to out).

RIGHT - for changers where cars move from the left lane to the right lane: includes #30345 (straight), #30362 (left curve - in to out), and #30365 (right curve - out to in).

DOUBLE - exclusively for the #30347 where cars move to/from either lane.

The Lane Gate solutions also include two types for the Pit Lane.

PIT ENTRY - NEW - prevents cars from driving into an occupied pit lane. Stops other drivers from running into cars that have stopped to fuel and protects your Pace Car while it is parked.

PIT EXIT - COMING SOON - prevents cars from crashing into fast traffic when returning to the main track.

Lane Gate for lane changers is simple to install. We offer each type in two styles depending on your needs and technical skills.

Select the [easy] option if you don't like to solder. They cost a little more, but you'll get something that is as close to plug-n-play as possible. All connections will be made via pre-wired spring contacts or Posi-Splices.

For those who don't mind doing a little soldering, select the [tech] option and save some money. You'll get the same Lane Gate board with bare leads and use the spring contacts that you already have inside the track.

Lane Gate installation guide - [tech] version supplement
Lane Gate installation guide - Left v3/v3.1
Lane Gate installation guide - Right v3/v3.1
Lane Gate installation guide - Double v4
Lane Gate installation guide - Double v3
Lane Gate installation guide - Pit Entry v2
Lane Gate installation guide - Simple change to wiring for use with dual mode track

 Lane Gate - Left [easy]: $18.95 
 Lane Gate - Right [easy]: $18.95 
 Lane Gate - Double [easy]: $27.95 
 Lane Gate - PitLane [easy]: $19.95 
 Lane Gate - Left [tech]: $13.95 
 Lane Gate - Right [tech]: $13.95 
 Lane Gate - Double [tech]: $22.95 
 Lane Gate - PitLane [tech]: $13.95